Sisters Moynahan

Where's todd?

here's ada!
here's ada!
getting close now ...
my favorite t-shirt EVER
the homeowners
the wedding site
murder(er) in the light?

our daughter ... the maori ??

4630 days ago by Steven Linde

maybe this will revive interest in the sistersmo site:

more details to follow ...

4858 days ago by Steven Linde

... but for now, here is a link to the photos of miss ada wilkinson linde’s first few days.

39 weeks today

4891 days ago by Robyn Wilkinson

holy moses. it’s actually getting closer. the scoop from baby center is that the baby is ready to greet the world and is just building fat at this point to control body temperature once s/he arrives. i’m off to the doctor tomorrow, so we’ll see if i’m still at 2cm or not. i’m feeling rather anxious about the birth, but also excited to experience all of it. it’s surreal, how much we don’t know what we’re getting ourselves into!! i’ve attached a pix from this weekend’s wedding – 39 weeks and counting.
all my love to you guys – and extra love and hugs to you, kma. please give your mom and dad our best. xx

Sisters unite!

4912 days ago by Brooke Wilkinson

One final showing of a Sisters Moynahan bride and her lovely best women. Guest appearance by new sister-in-law, Becca.

once upon a time...

4914 days ago by Brooke Wilkinson

I used to write more on this website!

Robyn, you are so close! Happy Mother’s Day (you do have a child attached to you, after all!)

KMA-long time no chat. Congrats on the new biz getting off the ground—Tommy gave me a little update after seeing you this past weekend. How was Jude’s?

Anywho, just wanted to say hello to everyone. I’ll work on getting some pictures online, they’re always fun to look at.

missing everyone…

we're slipping

4943 days ago by Robyn Wilkinson

okay ladies. it’s almost been a month. dear me. we’re pathetic at this. i say more pictures, more updates and more stories. even if they’re not of anything big or exciting or earth-shattering.
my latest is my groin. exciting, huh? it’s pulled. and i’m trying to get it all better so i can get outside and walk again, although the SF rain isn’t letting us do much outside these days.
aside from that, all is well in our world. i’m officially 8 months on tuesday and it’s crazy how little time we’ve got. we just went to a birth class last weekend and it had me running for the hills. gulp. lots to handle, and lots to fear, but i’ve been told it’s all worth it. :)
love and miss you guys! xx


4962 days ago by Robyn Wilkinson

you 3 can attest to my occassional over-organizational ways, but i think i’ve hit an all time low. yesterday i wanted to sort and re-arrange steve’s t-shirt drawers. he had to pry me away with food and more LOST episodes. what the hell is my problem? i’ve heard it’s a symptom, but i think i’ve officially hit rock bottom in the nesting category.

and, you’d think i’d be doing useful organizational stuff, like for the baby room, but we haven’t touched it. partly because mom and dad are coming this weekend and will most likely be our last temporary guests in that room, partly because i don’t want to start spending money. but be prepared – you all will be consulted when decisions like what color diaper genie or breast pump come up.

the naming is coming along, but we’ve got a long way to go. it’s basically just a list of names i don’t despise right now, so it’s big and needs to be cut down. i think we’re just in denial. schmoo might stick for awhile. :) any ideas, throw them in the pot. we’re taking any and all suggestions and will justly reward the winners.

i’m still trying to knock this cold, hopefully the temperatures are warming up for good. kma, i love that you saw train! totally makes me smile. and although i haven’t seen the evidence, it does seem that kelly is back in action even though she’s got a cocooning butterfly in her eardrum. brookie – wherefor art thou?

miss and love you,


4963 days ago by Kelly Wilkinson

KMA, I saw Robyn’s teeshirt for the first time this week and it’s definitely one for the “plus” column as we wonder if we’ll ever have kiddos!

Life is grand. It feels like we finally emerged from the soggy winter as well. Went for a hike this am, lugging a two thermos up the trail. When we sat on top of the cliff overlooking the Pacific with a steaming mug of coffee and birds singing around us, it absolute bliss.

Then when we were lying on the grass with sunshine on our faces, some kind of bug crawled into my eardrum and it felt like it was fluttering around in the folds of my brain. I couldn’t get it out and freaked out and Mike was pouring water in my ear and blowing in it, then we looked behind us and a bunch of bikers were about 100 feet away, everyone staring at me. I think it still might be lodged in there but both it and I have calmed down considerably.

I cannot WAIT to be sipping g&ts with you all in September. Do we really have to wait that long? xo

19 days, oh my!

4965 days ago by Kristin Adams Litke

We’re not nearly as good at this as when we started. Guess we’re all too busy improving the world one mini-loaf at a time, which is most important. Oh mama! Speaking of mini-loaves, Kelly, I never shipped yours to you – terrible! And I haven’t even been happily baking in your absence. Will try to remember to ship them off asap.

R, you are having a baby in TWO MONTHS! Can you stand it??! Are you sharing top name choices or are those hush hush?
Have you decorated a nursery?

Spring has sprung here, and we’ve dusted off the tennis rackets; so nice to have this long winter behind us (mostly). We went to Vancouver to see Train at this great little venue Wednesday night and spent yesterday trotting along the water & Stanley Park and eating scones for breakfast outside. Didn’t want to come back to reality!

Hope you all have a great weekend—go Huskies from the West!

rain rain go away

4984 days ago by Robyn Wilkinson

so i finally figured it out, and have posted pix for you. 25+ weeks and counting – getting pretty large marge if you ask me! and you can see pix of brooke & hunter’s place – the snowy pond and then the front of their house. it’s all so beautiful up there.
i’m off to cuddle up on the couch and watch the hollywood glitz. why i continue to watch the oscars each year is beyond me.
can’t wait for g&t’s this labor day – if not sooner. much love from rainy sf.