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Jan 29, 07:12 pm by Robyn Wilkinson

well, whatever sex this baby is, s/he will be a field goal punter i’m betting. lots of movement in the last week for sure, and enough today to really startle me for sure!! it’s cool, though, and comforting in a good way.

just because i haven’t sent updates in a bit:

you and the baby have really been growing! by now, you have probably put on 12 pounds plus or minus a few. while much development remains, the rapid growth rate of the baby is going to slow down just a little near this time. to aid in muscle development, the amniotic fluid is supporting the baby’s movements. your baby is quite the little gymnast and is getting busy with twists, turns and forward summersaults!

other changes that are happening:

  • the baby’s eyebrows are now forming.
  • your baby is sleeping and waking much like a newborn at this time.
  • permanent hair is now growing on the scalp, but even this hair will fall out the second week after birth and will be replaced by thicker hair.

baby’s size this week: about 5.3 to 6 1/2 inches (head to rump).
weight: approximately 9 ounces

they’ve likened it to a banana. :)

miss and love you,

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