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here's ada!
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4963 days ago by Kelly Wilkinson

KMA, I saw Robyn’s teeshirt for the first time this week and it’s definitely one for the “plus” column as we wonder if we’ll ever have kiddos!

Life is grand. It feels like we finally emerged from the soggy winter as well. Went for a hike this am, lugging a two thermos up the trail. When we sat on top of the cliff overlooking the Pacific with a steaming mug of coffee and birds singing around us, it absolute bliss.

Then when we were lying on the grass with sunshine on our faces, some kind of bug crawled into my eardrum and it felt like it was fluttering around in the folds of my brain. I couldn’t get it out and freaked out and Mike was pouring water in my ear and blowing in it, then we looked behind us and a bunch of bikers were about 100 feet away, everyone staring at me. I think it still might be lodged in there but both it and I have calmed down considerably.

I cannot WAIT to be sipping g&ts with you all in September. Do we really have to wait that long? xo

trade show snaps

5001 days ago by Kelly Wilkinson

here are some snaps from the spring trade show—sorry they’re a little fuzzy. it was a total success—and people went gaga over kristin’s designs for the seed packets, which were front and center. all the flowers weren’t in place when we took these, but you get the idea. still a little crowded, but there was a lot of product to display. and we wore green aprons with maggie’s logo to complete the green grocer/flower stall effect. it was a hoot!

5019 days ago by Kelly Wilkinson

back in the land of the living after trade show maddess—who knew the knitting industry demanded 80 hours a week?

I was out of town for almost one week and it became official when I returned that ROBYN IS PREGGERS! the pop-out happened, and she and her belly are so freaking adorable.

Back to the news grind tomorrow—which i didn’t miss a bushel or a peck over the last month. perhaps I’ll keep veering into the textile world…

Next week, I’m visiting Brooke and Hunter in their new pad—I’ll ditch my quaint slides and bring a digi cam and post some snaps. xoxo

No Babies or Home Ownership to Report

5044 days ago by Kelly Wilkinson

so mike and I are going to get a dog to keep up.

I can’t believe there’s going to be a next generation sister moynahan this year, a wedding, and who knows what else (kma, should I be your new butter-eating cousin under the table since we can’t compare in news?)

I love the four of us! and the fact that this website has lured brooke into the new millenium of computer correspondence.

can we all drink more margs together soon? xo