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Where's todd?

here's ada!
here's ada!
getting close now ...
my favorite t-shirt EVER
the homeowners
the wedding site
murder(er) in the light?

our daughter ... the maori ??

4630 days ago by Steven Linde

maybe this will revive interest in the sistersmo site:

more details to follow ...

4858 days ago by Steven Linde

... but for now, here is a link to the photos of miss ada wilkinson linde’s first few days.

ok, todd is in the house

4997 days ago by Steven Linde

SMs—you can revoke his account by a simple majority. until then, todd, like me is an interloper in your domain. literally, i guess.

todd—you should have gotten an email to create an account and post your blue drink recipes, etc. welcome!

one other note, i fixed the gallery to show the images in the order they were submitted rather than the randomness they had before. :)

ok, images should be easier now ...

5045 days ago by Steven Linde

you just have to:

  • go to the place you post articles and click on the “images” tab. this takes you to the upload page.
  • check the box marked “Resize large image, stored value 500px”
  • browse to find your picture on your computer and hit the “upload” button. this might take a few seconds depending on your connection speed.
  • on the resulting page, add a caption if you’d like and hit the “save” button at the bottom.

that’s it, a small version (called a thumbnail) should show up on the home page just like the lovely ones above. clicking it should open a popup with the larger image.

kelly, apologies for the unflattering image post but i wanted to try this with a few real pictures and included my own rocket-man self in the harassment.

one last note is that if you have a new-ish digital camera (ie 5MB), your images are probably too large to be conveniently sharable online and actually cause some problems with this site’s upload feature. i will try to fix this but for now, please try to downsize them if you have problems. please dont hesitate ask me how to do this if you have any questions.


And they're off!

5048 days ago by Steven Linde

ok, here it is—a place for you to share comments, suggestions, images, and ideas. Please submit whatever/whenever you like.

There is a link to post or edit in the link section on the right side of the page and it is pretty simple, basically about as involved as most online email programs like hotmail or yahoo. you have accounts set-up and can post and moderate and see what the rest of the family and world has to say about it. Dont hesitate to ask me about it or about ideas you might have for other sections or part of this site.