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19 days, oh my!

Mar 23, 07:41 pm by Kristin Adams Litke

We’re not nearly as good at this as when we started. Guess we’re all too busy improving the world one mini-loaf at a time, which is most important. Oh mama! Speaking of mini-loaves, Kelly, I never shipped yours to you – terrible! And I haven’t even been happily baking in your absence. Will try to remember to ship them off asap.

R, you are having a baby in TWO MONTHS! Can you stand it??! Are you sharing top name choices or are those hush hush?
Have you decorated a nursery?

Spring has sprung here, and we’ve dusted off the tennis rackets; so nice to have this long winter behind us (mostly). We went to Vancouver to see Train at this great little venue Wednesday night and spent yesterday trotting along the water & Stanley Park and eating scones for breakfast outside. Didn’t want to come back to reality!

Hope you all have a great weekend—go Huskies from the West!

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