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19 days, oh my!

4965 days ago by Kristin Adams Litke

We’re not nearly as good at this as when we started. Guess we’re all too busy improving the world one mini-loaf at a time, which is most important. Oh mama! Speaking of mini-loaves, Kelly, I never shipped yours to you – terrible! And I haven’t even been happily baking in your absence. Will try to remember to ship them off asap.

R, you are having a baby in TWO MONTHS! Can you stand it??! Are you sharing top name choices or are those hush hush?
Have you decorated a nursery?

Spring has sprung here, and we’ve dusted off the tennis rackets; so nice to have this long winter behind us (mostly). We went to Vancouver to see Train at this great little venue Wednesday night and spent yesterday trotting along the water & Stanley Park and eating scones for breakfast outside. Didn’t want to come back to reality!

Hope you all have a great weekend—go Huskies from the West!

joining the ranks of the self-employed

4990 days ago by Kristin Adams Litke

More soon, but breaking news—gave my notice today that I’ll be out of here the first week of April! Very excited and a wee bit scared—but it’s time to tread boldly!


2 weeks, yahoo!

4994 days ago by Kristin Adams Litke

Congrats on the big step in the right direction, Brooke! Such exciting news. Yesterday I talked to my boss about an exit plan, so hold me a spot in the craft booth. I’m going to try for April as my last hurrah.

It’s cold and raining and no one is making me pina coladas here, it’s very sad. It was so much fun to have quality hang time with Toddo—I felt like it had been ages. You guys need to check out Delray when you have a chance for a getaway, it’s un-freakin-believable.

Travis and Giao are here now and Kristen flys in tomorrow—we’re headed to play in the gobs and gobs of powder at Baker, hooray.

todd is found

4997 days ago by Kristin Adams Litke

this web site is great! Steve, you’re brilliant! So, what’s MY password?

Robyn, WHOAA, you’re prego! I still can’t believe you’re going to be a mom. With all the time you spent with Twig and Brooke at “Animal Crackers” you’re destined to be a mom who won’t give a damn about her own kids education. :) just kidding.

Maura and I are moving even closer to the beach in 2 months, 2 blocks away to be exact. Remember Dreen’s place in North Carolina? Yea, baby. Maybe I’ll pick up surfing and getting high.

Well, you’re all welcome anytime. I’ll keep this brief because one of the real SM is signing on.

___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

Hi sistas! I’m here in Delray after a few days spent with the shufflers in sarasota ‘tooting’ around. Yes, that’s right, i actually left Mike a message saying i was tooting around with mom—yikes, it’s happening already. Do we have a chance for normalcy?

I’m having one of Toddo’s famous “blue” drinks minus the blue. So good. These guys, on the other hand, are on the South Beach diet and taking spinning classes at 6am. Maura’s in the middle of making baked stuffed eggplant and Todd is smelling my drink to try to take himself back to the good ol’ days.

sun, decisions and dates

5008 days ago by Kristin Adams Litke

So big news in Seattle—my boss quit yesterday. Which leaves me in a place of utter confusion about how to best leverage this to rewrite my job description/get out of dodge and work as a contractor. Lots to chew on.

It’s gorgeous here—tomorrow we’re skipping out at noon and heading over to Whidbey (where Mike’s parents have a place, hooray free getaway spot) for a weekend of fresh ocean air and local wine. Can’t wait.

Anyone watch the Super Bowl? Everyone’s suffering here is finally starting to fade into the background, although I think it’ll stick for a while.

Tonight I have a mystery date and am hoping we’re not going to see the Wedding Singer the play. Stay tuned.

I want to see more belly and house/moving pix!

hooray new digs!

5016 days ago by Kristin Adams Litke

An official homeowner!! Wowee, gone are the days of salt and pepper shaker friends. Congrats on being done and movin’ in, yeeeay!

Not too much news out here. Had my first design dork meeting with a few friends I’ve met through school out here last night—we’re all in the final stages of being ready to leap out on our own (or into a firm) but still have some work to do. So hopefully these monthly meetings will be good motivators since it’s been so freakin’ hard to motivate myself after work. Maybe it’s the winter rain, but all I want to do is nap :)

back in action

5020 days ago by Kristin Adams Litke

Howdy, all!

Robyn, how INCREDIBLE are the ultrasound images… wow oh wow!

I got up early today and decided it was time to get around to a few of the things that have been on my to-do list, including hooking up my new scanner that Santa Litke brought me. Alas, a few pix of Rog to share. Just think, next Christmas there will be another little one teetering around :)

Miss you guys—happy weekend.

Puddle jumping

5035 days ago by Kristin Adams Litke

Hello from the land of the rain. It’s finally true. I’ve been barraged by questions about how I can live in such a rainy place ever since I moved here, which has always driven me crazy since it’s such a lie… well, until now. It’s really not even that bad, it’s just crazy that it’s been gray and dripping for 25 straight days. The very good news is that we’re getting dumped on in the mountains, so hopefully we’ll be dusting off our snowboards this weekend to hit the hills.

Kara arrives tomorrow for a week – fun, fun. We’re starting the day with a Seahawks party, followed by a trek to the Irish Emigrant (where I brought all of you) to relive the early days over Guinness and step dancing.

Why can’t I find cute knee high rain boots with frogs on the feet like the kiddies wear? Kelly, can you whip me up some?

Rog pix et all soon—still haven’t hooked the camera up. Hopefully I’ll have some to share before he turns two and baby Linde is born! R, thanks for all the updates, it’s so great to visualize what’s happening!!

5043 days ago by Kristin Adams Litke

Oh wait, I have a new mechanical pet. Just bought my smokin’ new Powerbook! Although right now I just sit and stare at it in all its silvery glowing beauty.

5043 days ago by Kristin Adams Litke

Holy moley there is so much action in the sisterhood. Great, and Mike and I are not even getting a pet fish. This is a lot of pressure.

Kelly, am under my desk taking my first nip off the butter stick, wondering where you are. My hands are greasily slipping off my keys…

R, is a baby girl confirmed? Kelly’s comment made me wonder, ahh! Is my prediction correct? Are you finding out or are you waiting? More, more, more!

Brookie, how incredible is the potential house! Is the wedding possibly happening this summer?