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Mar 26, 04:27 pm by Robyn Wilkinson

you 3 can attest to my occassional over-organizational ways, but i think i’ve hit an all time low. yesterday i wanted to sort and re-arrange steve’s t-shirt drawers. he had to pry me away with food and more LOST episodes. what the hell is my problem? i’ve heard it’s a symptom, but i think i’ve officially hit rock bottom in the nesting category.

and, you’d think i’d be doing useful organizational stuff, like for the baby room, but we haven’t touched it. partly because mom and dad are coming this weekend and will most likely be our last temporary guests in that room, partly because i don’t want to start spending money. but be prepared – you all will be consulted when decisions like what color diaper genie or breast pump come up.

the naming is coming along, but we’ve got a long way to go. it’s basically just a list of names i don’t despise right now, so it’s big and needs to be cut down. i think we’re just in denial. schmoo might stick for awhile. :) any ideas, throw them in the pot. we’re taking any and all suggestions and will justly reward the winners.

i’m still trying to knock this cold, hopefully the temperatures are warming up for good. kma, i love that you saw train! totally makes me smile. and although i haven’t seen the evidence, it does seem that kelly is back in action even though she’s got a cocooning butterfly in her eardrum. brookie – wherefor art thou?

miss and love you,

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