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Apr 15, 01:30 am by Robyn Wilkinson

okay ladies. it’s almost been a month. dear me. we’re pathetic at this. i say more pictures, more updates and more stories. even if they’re not of anything big or exciting or earth-shattering.
my latest is my groin. exciting, huh? it’s pulled. and i’m trying to get it all better so i can get outside and walk again, although the SF rain isn’t letting us do much outside these days.
aside from that, all is well in our world. i’m officially 8 months on tuesday and it’s crazy how little time we’ve got. we just went to a birth class last weekend and it had me running for the hills. gulp. lots to handle, and lots to fear, but i’ve been told it’s all worth it. :)
love and miss you guys! xx

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