Sisters Moynahan

Where's todd?

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Jan 4, 03:44 pm by Kristin Adams Litke

Oh wait, I have a new mechanical pet. Just bought my smokin’ new Powerbook! Although right now I just sit and stare at it in all its silvery glowing beauty.

Jan 4, 03:42 pm by Kristin Adams Litke

Holy moley there is so much action in the sisterhood. Great, and Mike and I are not even getting a pet fish. This is a lot of pressure.

Kelly, am under my desk taking my first nip off the butter stick, wondering where you are. My hands are greasily slipping off my keys…

R, is a baby girl confirmed? Kelly’s comment made me wonder, ahh! Is my prediction correct? Are you finding out or are you waiting? More, more, more!

Brookie, how incredible is the potential house! Is the wedding possibly happening this summer?

Jan 2, 09:33 pm by Kristin Adams Litke

Yeay! Can we drink virtual Baileys?

Website coming soon… now that it’s January, it’s reached the top of my to-do list. Although my manic Moynahan genes have me very overwhelmed about it all today. I’m sure none of you know what I’m talking about ;) Kelly, can I go hide out in Ireland with the O’Neill clan?

Where are the growing belly pix?

Brookie, you’re getting MARRIED!