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here's ada!
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Mar 2, 02:47 pm by Brooke Wilkinson

KMA-congratulations! Nice work! I cannot tell you how good it feels to be so close to the next step, whatever it may be! 3.5 days and counting! A friend of mine was done last week. I think we’re going to have a “jobless fair” next weekend. Wanna come??

freelancing SMs unite

Feb 28, 05:31 pm by Robyn Wilkinson

just checked the site after a lazy absence, and what do i find but kma’s great news! congrats!!! i’m so proud of you and brookie. the salt & pepper shakers have spoken. and i’ve got high hopes – good things are bound to happen without us answering to others.
all is well here – can’t seem to get any of my pix (vermont and belly) online, so i’ll work on that and will post soon. and brookie, got the save the date today. labor day is going to rock! miss and love you guys, xx

joining the ranks of the self-employed

Feb 26, 09:39 pm by Kristin Adams Litke

More soon, but breaking news—gave my notice today that I’ll be out of here the first week of April! Very excited and a wee bit scared—but it’s time to tread boldly!


2 weeks, yahoo!

Feb 22, 03:51 pm by Kristin Adams Litke

Congrats on the big step in the right direction, Brooke! Such exciting news. Yesterday I talked to my boss about an exit plan, so hold me a spot in the craft booth. I’m going to try for April as my last hurrah.

It’s cold and raining and no one is making me pina coladas here, it’s very sad. It was so much fun to have quality hang time with Toddo—I felt like it had been ages. You guys need to check out Delray when you have a chance for a getaway, it’s un-freakin-believable.

Travis and Giao are here now and Kristen flys in tomorrow—we’re headed to play in the gobs and gobs of powder at Baker, hooray.

i'm still alive!

Feb 20, 12:46 pm by Brooke Wilkinson

i know, i know, it’s been a while. i’m not connected at the new place so my time online has dwindled. boo. nice work on the tradeshow, peeps!

back to making progress at the house. hunter is insulating the shop doors so he can get moving. i’m all for it since i’m giving my two weeks today—if bossman ever shows up. kind of exhilarating, kind of scary. i’m beyond ready, though.

KMA-come out here and we’ll come up with a cooperative working situation for us! i’ve looked into getting space at this great farmer’s market here for a handful of us to sell our wares. anyone want in?

ok, todd is in the house

Feb 20, 04:25 am by Steven Linde

SMs—you can revoke his account by a simple majority. until then, todd, like me is an interloper in your domain. literally, i guess.

todd—you should have gotten an email to create an account and post your blue drink recipes, etc. welcome!

one other note, i fixed the gallery to show the images in the order they were submitted rather than the randomness they had before. :)

todd is found

Feb 19, 09:17 pm by Kristin Adams Litke

this web site is great! Steve, you’re brilliant! So, what’s MY password?

Robyn, WHOAA, you’re prego! I still can’t believe you’re going to be a mom. With all the time you spent with Twig and Brooke at “Animal Crackers” you’re destined to be a mom who won’t give a damn about her own kids education. :) just kidding.

Maura and I are moving even closer to the beach in 2 months, 2 blocks away to be exact. Remember Dreen’s place in North Carolina? Yea, baby. Maybe I’ll pick up surfing and getting high.

Well, you’re all welcome anytime. I’ll keep this brief because one of the real SM is signing on.

___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

Hi sistas! I’m here in Delray after a few days spent with the shufflers in sarasota ‘tooting’ around. Yes, that’s right, i actually left Mike a message saying i was tooting around with mom—yikes, it’s happening already. Do we have a chance for normalcy?

I’m having one of Toddo’s famous “blue” drinks minus the blue. So good. These guys, on the other hand, are on the South Beach diet and taking spinning classes at 6am. Maura’s in the middle of making baked stuffed eggplant and Todd is smelling my drink to try to take himself back to the good ol’ days.

vermont happiness

Feb 19, 02:25 pm by Robyn Wilkinson

well, i’m here to report that all is well and wonderful up in vermont. brooke and hunter’s place is amazing. so gorgeous and peaceful and cozy. we spent lots of time in front of the wood stove, playing cards and eating good food. it was a great trip for sure, and pix are attached of their amazing spot.
more belly pix to come – it’s certainly out there for sure. tomorrow i’m officially 6 months and counting. time is flying!
love and miss you all, xx

trade show snaps

Feb 15, 04:46 pm by Kelly Wilkinson

here are some snaps from the spring trade show—sorry they’re a little fuzzy. it was a total success—and people went gaga over kristin’s designs for the seed packets, which were front and center. all the flowers weren’t in place when we took these, but you get the idea. still a little crowded, but there was a lot of product to display. and we wore green aprons with maggie’s logo to complete the green grocer/flower stall effect. it was a hoot!

sun, decisions and dates

Feb 8, 05:15 pm by Kristin Adams Litke

So big news in Seattle—my boss quit yesterday. Which leaves me in a place of utter confusion about how to best leverage this to rewrite my job description/get out of dodge and work as a contractor. Lots to chew on.

It’s gorgeous here—tomorrow we’re skipping out at noon and heading over to Whidbey (where Mike’s parents have a place, hooray free getaway spot) for a weekend of fresh ocean air and local wine. Can’t wait.

Anyone watch the Super Bowl? Everyone’s suffering here is finally starting to fade into the background, although I think it’ll stick for a while.

Tonight I have a mystery date and am hoping we’re not going to see the Wedding Singer the play. Stay tuned.

I want to see more belly and house/moving pix!

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